Wednesday, April 29, 2009

More Government Uselessness

The government grew a little bigger today. This time the growth spurt was an expansion of federal ‘hate crime’ laws. This new legislation (unlike President Bush, 41 making carjacking a federal crime) does not make ‘hate crimes’ death penalty eligible. HR 1913 seems to want a federal investigation into whether or not a ‘hate crime’ was committed if the victim fits a certain profile. You can’t use Racial Profiling before a crime is committed and now you have to use it after.

Couldn’t you argue that all murders are out of hate? Happy people don’t kill others. This new waste-of-paper bill doesn’t serve any purpose; life without parole is already the sentence in non-death-penalty states for first degree murder with malice. Malice is defined as ‘evil intent’ – killing someone because of their race, religion or sexual orientation is malicious.

Here’s a concept, how about letting the states govern themselves…I mean really, if the feds aren’t going to make the consequence more severe…than, what is the point?

Read the comments on this turd’s blog. Everyone hates him, but I guess in his case it’s not a crime…thank goooooooooooodness!

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