Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Hey kids, I hope your week is crazy delicious. If not, allow me to spice it up!


I will be joining, Breitbart.tv Editor-in-Chief, Larry O'Connor on his live radio carnival, The Stage Right Show, sometime during the midnight hour (ET) to discuss the upcoming royal wedding. He thinks it is "total crap", I disagree. There's no video for tonight's show...so, I'll be naked save for a professional-strength, self-neutralizing glycolic peel and o'course also, drunk.

Last weekend, I visited the Diana exhibit at Kansas City's Union Station and I've been glued to BBC America for two days, so I am geared up for this discussion as well as the grand nuptials. Tune in, or else.


My show, Down the Rabbit Hole with Duchess Rebecca, will be broadcast from Webcast One Live studios in Des Moines. My cameraman, Jacob Moyer of Luminary Creative, is out of town. I couldn't find a replacement player so we're going to give the studio a whirl. Remember to take a disco nap and set your alarm for midnight ET/9 pm PT. (Just hours before Wills and Kate exchange vows.) *squeal*

Monday, May 9, 2011...

I will be speaking at the Des Moines 140 (Twitter) Conference at the Stoner Theater in the Civic Center. The conference is from 8 am - 5 pm. I am speaking last, either because I'm the best or because I was the last person to be included. You decide. Come on down to show your support...or to heckle me. Tickets are $57.50 correction: $60 (plus tax), register here. Many thanks to Debworks for allowing me to take part.

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