Sunday, January 31, 2010

Newsgasm Recap

Lately I have felt quite squirrely. Between Brad and Angie break-up rumors and the 9-11 Terror Trials Where-Dat head is spinning. A newsgasm recap if you will (in no particular order):

John "Son of a Mill Worker" Edwards' former aide, Andrew Young, has a juicy book coming out this week. The Politician details the disturbing relationship between Edwards, his mistress, Rielle Hunter and Young. 2010 already hasn't been a good year for Edwards. Between Game Change, the book full of stories about the 2008 campaign (including this must read) by John Heilemann and Mark Halperin, Young's book which mentions a sex tape (side note: Hunter wants it back) and Mrs. Edwards giving Johnboy the old heave ho, I think somebody is going to be celebrating the Chinese New Year with some enthusiasm. Good riddance, Year of the Ox...Hello, Year of the Tiger!

Beauty and the Beard aka Angie and Brad are they or aren't they breaking up??? I know, who cares, right? Well...I guess I do. As someone that publicly (on Twitter), supports Team Aniston...nothing would please me (and Jen) more than the end of Brad and Angie...but...for now at least Brangelina's brood seems to be just "fine".

The State of the Union is strong, but. . . The President wants to spend more money on a new jobs bill, get a health-care reform bill passed, raise taxes on *everyone* for the greater good of the planet or something, there was also a blip about a spending freeze (next year), a one-liner calling for a repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell for gays in the military and my personal favorite moment of the evening, when Obama managed to try to bully the Supremes, for protecting Free Speech, because apparently he doesn't trust the FEC to do their job. Well done, Obama...I give you a good solid B+. *thumbs up*

KSM, first of all...dude, what happened to him??? President Obama and resident administration turd, Attorney General Holder are rethinking where/how to hold the 9/11 Terror Trials. If I didn't know any better (actually I don't) I'd swear they flipped a coin and decided on a criminal trial instead of a military tribunal for the self-proclaimed 9/11 mastermind and his four goon co-defendants. Good news! Guantanamo Bay is still an option. Put me down for Team Gitmo! Side note: Indiana Sen. Evan Bayh (D) said on Fox News Sunday, he doesn't support Obama's additional $200 million to cover civilian trails for the terror suspects. Hmmmm...Sounds like Bayh is on Team Gitmo, too. *smiling widely*

Kurt Warner retired...which puts My Baby Daddy Leinart at the helm of the Cardinals...which means Arizona will BOLO for a new QB in the off-season. And, if you're wondering how Warner's departure effects fantasy football...this is for you.

Fun-o-meter Watch: Brett Favre's brother, Scott, told the Minneapolis Star Tribune that Brett "was beat all to hell" after the game against the Saints. Yeah, Scott, we saw the game. This year, Brett had his best season, save for the storybook Super Bowl victory ending. But not everyone can go out like Elway. Unlike Marino and Kelly, Favre has a Super Bowl ring. Hang up the helmet, Brett...your time has come.

Monday, January 25, 2010

A Pot Pie Superlative

I like love pot pies...but not as much as this Illinois Walmart shopper:

Damn, baby...where do you put it? Oh, never mind.

If you haven't visited, you're missing out. Enjoy and oh yeah...I'm off pot pies for a while.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Follow the Treasure Trail...

Scott Brown in Cosmo, 1982

Looks like Scott Brown's treasure trail leads to DC. Fitting, I suppose, considering there's no shortage of dicks in our nation's capital. I am lukewarm to candidate Brown. He lent his hand to RomneyCare as a Massachusetts State Senator named for and signed into law by Gov. Mitt "l like mandates" Romney. Brown is also one of those "settled law" Republicans that refers to Roe v. Wade and same sex marriage (in Massachusetts) as such, while opposing those views...because, he's a lawyer and a politician, making him very good at double-talk.

I'm not a lawyer or a politician so I can write/say whatever craziness I want would like to see Roe v. Wade overturned, because it is unconstitutional. The US Constitution protects life, if the lack of a heartbeat means that you are dead, then the presence of one means life. It's pretty basic. Also, I do not support a Constitutional Amendment, defining marriage. If gays want to get married, I don't care. It's none of my business. Most married people are miserable, if they want to be miserable, who am I to stop them? I like the Constitution...especially now that it allows, women, including me, to vote. The only amendment I would support is one for Legislative Term Limits on Capitol Hill.

Scott Brown raised millions of dollars last week from Republicans all over the country. My cynical side (heh, like I have another) says that these Republicans will soon refer to Senator Brown as a RINO, because well, he kind of is...but it is Massachusetts so it's not all that fact, he will likely win this election because of moderate Democrats voting for him. Another point cynical Rebecca would like to make: A Kennedy has represented Massachusetts in this seat since 1952, the thought of a Republican, even a RINO sitting in it, makes the conservatives D R O O L. Talk-radiogasm.

PS: Is it just me or does he have really tiny hands?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Love Thy Neighbor

Many of my conservative compadres have donated their hard earned cash to Scott Brown's campaign in Massachusetts, pushing him well over the $1 million mark. In case you haven't heard, Brown is running against Democrat, state AG Martha Coakley to represent Massachusetts in the US Senate, in the seat left vacant after the passing of Senator Edward Kennedy.

If you are one of those conservatives that donated money to Brown, please make another donation to: The American Red Cross in aid of their relief effort in Haiti after the devastating 7.0 earthquake that rocked our neighbor to the south yesterday. If you didn't donate to Brown, please open up your wallet for this cause.

As Americans we cannot begin to imagine the devastation in Haiti. Hurricane Katrina was nothing compared to this. No power, no telephones, major structural damage to roadways. Thousands of homes and buildings including the hospital, the UN Headquarters, the local Red Cross Chapter and missionary compounds have been reduced to rubble. The loss of life...catastrophic.

President Obama has sent a disaster relief team to coordinate this massive recovery campaign alongside MINUSTAH and other international organizations. I am asking you to be neighborly and help out. If you've got $10 (or more) and I know you do...put it here.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My New Hero

Former American Airlines CEO Bob Crandall's no bullshit interview regarding airline security, on Your World with Neil Cavuto. It's not about the things, stupid, it's about the people.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Best Way to Waste Time Online

Possibly the best way to waste some time online is over at xtranormal. I heard about this site from the bestest show on television, Red Eye w/Greg Gutfeld on the Fox News Channel. Here's the latest installment of Greg and the gang's xtranormal wit.

I was inspired to make my own skit, after a Twitter friend posted this gem.

I was going for offensive with a side of stupidity...enjoy!