Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Good the Bad and I'm Moody

I’m in an unpleasant mood today…my husband refers to it as ‘being in a funk’ which…let me just tell you makes me feel…well...never mind. I decided to sit down and investigate my bitchiness. This is what I’ve uncovered so far:

I ‘m hungry.

I have some housework to do.

I need a haircut and a pedicure.

I may or may not have salmonella poisoning (I eat pistachios almost daily).

I have some householdy errands to run.

In other news…I’m very happy about the following things:

Sugarbetes is on the trading block!

Baseball starts on Monday!

@justkarl sent me this video (via Twitter) and it made me laugh!

I’m not related to these assholes.

Oh well…that is all…for now. I'm off to try to make the rest of my hump day as productive as possible. *fingers crossed*

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