Thursday, April 2, 2009

G20 Protesters: Eat the Bankers!

Most of these pictures are courtesy of James Bardolph you can find his blog here. Thank you James for allowing me to post these gems!

During his presser at the G20, I was disappointed that President Obama was not asked about the protesters (President Bush certainly would have been). I can not speak for Obama. But I think they are pretty awesome.

Another sign President Bush is no longer in Bush effigies being burned. I guess it would've been considered racist to burn ones of Obama plus they do *love* him and the Mrs. Michelle got to touch the Queen and I heard the royal residence was referred to as Barackingham Palace.

The G20 in pictures:

If I had made this fantastic sign...I would have definitely showed my face!

'What About us' says Michael Jackson ?

The theme for the protest was 'Eat the Bankers'. I don't get it...but tis funneeeee!

This one is *by far* my favorite! She looks like the bird lady in Mary Poppins.

I think this guy is banking on Capitalism...wanna bet this painting is for sale?

Barney Fwank's sign?

Rockin' the bony (bald pony) dreads

This guy looks *a lot* like Patrick 'McDreamy' Dempsey...hmmmm

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