Monday, April 27, 2009

What's going on?

What's going on? in-law's devastating house fire, the tearful aftermath, a debacled bachelor party, conquering a laundry monster, a very boring NFL draft, a husband's subdued birthday, and five inches of rain = my basement full of water...the Swine Flu is next, I'm sure...and maybe rehab.
Tomorrow I'm hiring a cleaning lady and shoe shopping as I sulk about not going to see Franz Ferdinand.
tickets to see Franz Ferdinand (tomorrow night, in Minneapolis) that won't be getting used

a halfish eaten birthday apple pie

my Wellies which came in handy (or footy) lately

this is what's left of the laundry monster (tis going to the dry cleaners)

my solace

my neglected (and sleeping) pooch

My in-laws dog, Bandit. He jumped in my car, poor little guy wants to go home. Fergie keeps humping him.

me and James wishing for a little more cowbell - I don't fear the reaper...I'd take his hand

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