Sunday, February 28, 2010

Congratulations, Alaska's Panties

Congratulations, Alaska's Panties. You beat us at hockey. Thanks to: Rafalski, Miller, Parise and the rest of the Ice Yanks for an incredibly exciting Gold Medal game. Silver sucks, but at least our healthcare doesn't. . .yet.

Friday, February 26, 2010

The Ice Yanks Will Play for GOLD

The US Men's Hockey Team will play for GOLD! After killing the Finns in a game that was decided in the first period of play, our boys have advanced to the finale. The Ice Yanks' opponent will be decided tonight when Canada and Slovakia take to the ice at 9:30 ET on CNBC. After losing to Team USA in round robin play, the Canadians have played flawlessly and should be very difficult to defeat especially with their countrymen cheering them on in Vancouver.

The Gold Medal game is scheduled for Sunday afternoon at 3:15 ET on NBC.

Once again, congrats and good luck to (my Gen-Y crush) Zach Parise and the rest of the Ice Yanks! USA! USA! USA!

Photo credit: Jacobson/AP

Thursday, February 25, 2010

S H O E S ! ! !

Notice anything different? Yes! I added a shoe fund for you to support, one of, my habits...don't make me beg.

Here's a sampling of my taste:







Oh yeah, I also got a new purse:

my new Rebecca Minkoff Nikki's like buttah and I'm in love

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hump Day Hockey

Team USA Hottie, Zach Parise

Okay...I feel like a creep...I just referred to a 25-year-old as a hottie. *handslap* He is. *forgiveness*

In addition to being easy on the eyes, Zach is a badass on the ice. He scored both goals today as Team USA blanked Switzerland. The win clinched our boys a spot in the medal round. While I subscribe to the theory that the Olympics were much more fun during the Cold War, I must admit that this Men's Hockey Team has been pretty damn exciting to watch.

According to Wikipedia (my source for information), Zach's middle name is America. Whether or not Wiki is accurate on this factoid is uncertain. If not, he can go back to Zachary Andrew (or whatever) after the Olympics. His middle name is indeed quote a friend: heart-ache.

Congrats and Good Luck to Zach and the rest of the US Men's Hockey Team!!! USA! USA! USA!

Monday, February 22, 2010

GQ? More Like GDQ

I love fashion...but. . .D U D E???

ISABEL MASTACHE Fall Winter 2010 / 11 Cibeles from NEOMODA on Vimeo.

Don't miss the pants at 0:57. Rumor has it that Chaz Bono has ordered them in a variety of colors.

UPDATE: I couldn't resist, I had to add a still shot of Chaz's pants:

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Twitaversary to Meeeee!!

One year ago today, I joined Twitter. My life hasn't been quite the same since...if you follow me, yours probably hasn't either.

The new friends I've made along with the influx of political and world news have made life without Twitter inconceivable. I hope to meet up with a mahvelous few one day soon, the crazies and weirdos not so much...

If you haven't joined really should, unless you're 'busy and important' like my husband who prefers to interact with people he actually knows irl. It's no wonder that I'm the fun one in this relationship.

Today is also KIM Jong Il's birthday. Happy Birthday, Crazypants:

Monday, February 15, 2010

They Say It's Your Birthday, It's My Birthday Too, Yeah!!!

Well, it's here...the day after yesterday...also known as the day that Necco Sweetheart Conversation Heart candies will basically be free at Target. You see, I lurve those little artificially flavored sugar bombs (save for the white ones, those tiny white devils are worse than popcorn flavored jelly beans). So...if you see me tonight with pastel stained fingers, I channeled Richard Pryor and we had some fun.

Today is also Presidents' Day or simply Washington's Day, depending on where you live (and at Glenn Beck's place). In honor of our former Presidents' birthdays, enjoy a happy hour cocktail or a $5 foot long on Abe...George should cover the tip and a maybe some Tic Tacs.

Evan Bayh spent his Presidents' Day making some especially newsy news by announcing that he is retiring from the US Senate. At his presser Bayh added: "I am an Executive at heart." Hmmmm....

Memba this...?

and the speculation begins...

And begins the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show (USA 2/15-16 8/7C). Sadie the Scottish Terrier is favored to win it all...but I'm pulling for Lincoln the Chihuahua. Fergie doesn't agree, but he's just jealous of Lincoln's longer mane (and his balls). I mean, seriously, *is* Presidents' Day!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happy [Expletive] Valentine's Day

I hate Valentine's Day but, as a fan of capitalism, I appreciate it for what it economy stimulant. Flowers, cards, candy, lingerie, cutesy stuffed critters and jewelry sales are all optimized during the week of February 14th. Personally I like to spend the day self-medicated watching zombie movies, ideally smoking two at a time...however, a new pair of Louboutins have the potential to make me feel slightly more romantical...Honey, if you're paying attention, I'm a size 39.

Are you strapped for cash or unsure about what to send your crush? No worries, the RNC has you covered, check out their V-Day ecards here. Happy [Expletive] Valentine's Day??? I think I'm in love.

Anyhoohah, here are my tools for a happy VD:

I have a cold.

Smokey Treats

nom, nom, nom

Grey Goose, duh

A variety of zombie flicks including, one of my favorites: Shaun of the Dead

my cozy friend

Fergie, o'course

oh yeah...and these are the shoes I want...Psst, Honey? Hey, where'd you go???

Monday, February 8, 2010

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Sunday!!!

a Chihuahua (not Fergie) looking Misdorable (half miserable-half adorable)

Well it's finally here...Super Bowl Sunday. Way back on September 10th we all had high hopes for our favorite team (save maybe for Raiders fans) and now after 22 agonizing, thrilling yet long weeks, today a champion will be crowned. Fans, like myself, of one of the other 30 NFL teams can breath easy, as we wean ourselves off the meds. We say we don't care, but we do...don't we?

I'm picking the Colts aka Team Haiti, Fergie is going with the Saints aka Team Katrina...probably because of this:

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Lazy Saturday

Ahhhh...the life of a dog:

In other, more exciting news, the lovely Karol over at Alarming News welcomed a baby girl, Sadie Sarra, on Friday morning. Mazel Tov, Karol!!!