Monday, April 6, 2009

Madoff's Merkin

Additional charges were filed today in the Madoff Ponzi scheme saga. This time they are civil charges against J. Ezra Merkin, former chairman of GMAC and an ex-board member of the giant hedge fund Cerebrus. You may read the details of the allegations here.

A financial scam-artist named Madoff, not ironic enough for you…how about an alleged middleman named Merkin. A merkin, by definition is a pubic wig originally used by prostitutes in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries to cover-up lice and venereal diseases.

So just for fun lets say Madoff is a prostitute’s diseased vagina, which has been covered up with a merkin named Merkin. Initially Madoff’s Merkin was a happy place that made visitors feel certain and secure…months later those visitors felt confused and sick…today they feel angry and betrayed. But, just like an old diseased whore, Madoff is going to die alone and destitute, his Merkin has been exposed, and his brood may be next.

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