Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Virgin Bloggage

I started this blog because well, I am hilarious. I was sitting here (or there…whatever) thinking…hmmm…I need to share my wit with the world…or at least you…hi Mom. Errr…actually, I hope my mom doesn’t read this…now I’m conflicted and sad. If she did I would have at least one fan…a fan that I would offend and potentially lose. Oh well, hang in there Mom…we’ve been through worse. Anyhow…where was I….ahhhhhh….me….I’m one of those funny people that you wish you could be like. I know this because I laugh at my own jokes and if you don’t get my jokes then I will laugh at you.

So welcome to my little speck on the web, I promise never to laugh at you (to your face…unless we meet then the deal is off). I am by no means a role model. But I do like to role play…so maybe I am a role model…hmmmm…dilemma. Anyhoo…I will weigh in on things that you care about, like what I ate and what happened after I ate like whether or not said meal was worthy of suicidal tendencies. I will be offensive but equally…like John Adams I believe all men are created equal (equally offendable).

Honey if you’re reading this, first of all hi, also…you need a haircut…I love you…but I think I could love you more if you got a haircut. I will try my best not to use this blog as a therapy tool for our marriage. Like how last night you wanted me to do that thing with the beads apparently we have a big misunderstanding about which half of me is Greek…I’m still looking into that one…some things are not available on


  1. Funny, Witty, and Pretty : )

  2. hahahahah.....i'll be a fan of your blog spot!!! Go Rebecca!

  3. WRITE ON REBECCA! or start on or however i'm supposed to say it.Look forward to reading what's on your mind/ seeing if you vlog.I know this is gonna be good stuff.You got another fan here.