Monday, March 23, 2009

The Mc Factor

Thanks to a show called Grey’s Anatomy we have new terminology for somewhat desirable men. Enter McDreamy *gag* and McSteamy *double gag*. Having never watched Grey’s I assumed the show had something to do with a 24 hour McDonald’s and Cleveland Steamers. Apparently it does not.

Average actors, Patrick Dempsey and Eric Dane, play characters Dr. Shepard and Dr. Sloan...Mchuh? I don’t get the Mc factor. But again, I have never watched, I’m sure it makes perfect sense to the Grey’s faithful. As for me, Dempsey will always be Ronald Miller from Can’t Buy Me Love. I won’t pick on Dane because he had Skin Cancer (which I believe was punishment for being on Charmed).

I guess my point…which isn’t all that pointy…is that a television show, with the help of its psycho fans have the power to make an average person better with marketing. Which clearly doesn’t work in politics…considering uber average candidate/war hero John McCain (Mc factor, check; Skin Cancer, check) could only muster his age (give or take) in votes . 2012 GOP political propects: McMormon, McBarbie, McBJ and *shudder* McHuck *weeping*.


  1. hahahahhahahahahahaha.....that's hilarious!!! I see Ronald Miller all the time, when I look at Derek Shepard on GA!! we watched that movie at least 1000 times!!!