Thursday, March 26, 2009

About Last Night

To the fat fucker who argued with me last night about the World Baseball Classic, I was right. I hope to see you and your jowly face again so I can school you on other things.

Also Bill Moffet I don’t care about your stupid phone…quit showing it to me. Creepy weirdo, Rich…my name is Rebecca for the tenth time; also never talk to me again. Ted, I hate you and when I see you I want to knock that dumb hat off your head.

If you see me out, but you lack the proper equipment (a brain) to speak to me, try your very best not to. I don’t mean to hurt your feelings/ego…oh wait…yes I do and I will and then I’ll smile, go home to bed and have sweet dreams.


  1. Do you still love The Jesters?

  2. O'course I still love the Jesters and I have the shirt to prove it!