Saturday, April 10, 2010

Vodka Taste Test

As you all know, I love vodka. When I am partaking in the drink, I pretty much stick with Grey Goose although Vox is my personal's just harder to find in bars. Anyway, as a lover of the Russian libation I've decided to do a taste test.

I will try 100 different vodkas, two ways. I will first taste each on its own, chilled and then the same vodka with a mixer. I'm not setting a hard time table for this project, but I'd like to complete it in 100 days. I want to try some atypical brands, if I can make that happen within the 100 day time period, great...if not, I'll go over. I will report back to you my thoughts on each.

If you have a favorite vodka or vodka (as the only alcohol) cocktail you'd like for me to try, please tweet me @duchess_rebecca or leave your suggestion in the comments section.

Thanks in advance and stay AP would say: "What could go wrong?"


  1. Might I suggest Crystal Head Vodka? Quite smooth and tasty...
    Just a thought...
    Mommy Leah

  2. This could get pricey! 100 bottles at an average of $15 a bottle and in 100 days... woo lawdy! I won't be disappointed if you do this slow since I don't want you to abuse your liver =P Would you like people to send you bottles? Or maybe set up a paypal account?

    If you want to try Zubrowka, you may have to order it online as it's difficult to find outside of Poland. This is where I order harder-to-find liquors and wine:

    For premium tasting vodka at a drunkard's price, I love Tito's Handmade Vodka. I used to think it was just an Austin thing as it's made in Austin and very common for the bars there to have huge jugs of it on display, but I've found it in every state. But by far the best American-made vodka IMHO (and arguably one of the best vodkas in existence) is Hangar One. Ridiculously good stuff but at a super premium price.

    Anyway, I'm excited about your vodka-tasting adventure and I'll be supremely jealous of your epic collection once you're done. =D

  3. You could just drink Ketel One for a hundred days and be perfectly happy... Don't bother with Svedka. Here's the review for you: gasoline. This, however, is one you must try:

    Referent Horseradish vodka

    Their marketing spin:

    "The first and only 100% Natural Horseradish infused vodka. Family created and perfected in one of St. Paul's finest restaurants "Moscow on the Hill". Subtle and smooth, yet spicy and bold. Enjoy Referent straight-up, as a martini or with your favorite Bloody Mary mix. Experience it, crave it and revel in the unexpected."

    Is hubby down with going to the bar with you every night for the next three months? Oh, wait...

  4. Thanks for the suggestions Leah, Zoey and Rene (???)! *smooches*