Monday, April 19, 2010

Everything's Bigger in...Brooklyn???

Well, maybe not everything but when it comes to bagels...everything *is* bigger in Brooklyn and how! Meet the latest breakfast yum-yum from Scott Rossillo over at Brooklyn's The Bagel Store: the bacon, egg and cheese bagel. As in...the bacon, egg and cheese is baked in the bagel !!!

photo credit: Gabel/Ny Daily News

Click here, to read Rossillo's interview with the NY Daily News in which he explains the delightful details of this Frankenbacon fiend. My fave part of the interview, when asked:

"What's the best way to eat the bacon, egg and cheese bagel?"

Rossillo answered:

"This bagel does not replace the texture of regular bacon, egg and cheese, but if you add bacon, egg and cheese to a bacon, egg and cheese bagel, it certainly increases the flavor. That’s very popular right now. It will heighten the experience for you to a new level of satisfaction."

A bagel made from bacon, egg and cheese with bacon, egg and cheese on it...three words: nom, nom, nom.

Visit The Bagel Store online for their entire menu. Then get your butt over to Brooklyn and enjoy!!!

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