Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy NFL Draft Day!

Happy Earth NFL Draft Day!

With the Curse of the Jockey Underwear alive and well in Baltimore, my Orioles are 2-14, NFL Draft weekend is a welcome distraction.

For the first time in 75 years the NFL Draft will air in prime-time. The first round airs tonight on ESPN and NFL Network at 7:30 pm ET; followed by rounds 2-3 tomorrow night at 6 pm ET with the final picks, rounds 4-7, being selected Saturday starting at 10 am ET.

Round 1: Pick a stud or trade your pick.

1) St. Louis Rams

2) Detroit Lions

3) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

4) Washington Redskins

5) Kansas City Chiefs

6) Seattle Seahawks

7) Cleveland Browns

8) Oakland Raiders

9) Buffalo Bills

10) Jacksonville Jaguars

11) Denver Broncos (from Chicago)

12) Miami Dolphins

13) San Fransisco 49ers

14) Seattle Seahawks (from Denver)

15) New York Giants

16) Tennessee Titans

17) San Fransisco 49ers

18) Pittsburgh Steelers

19) Atlanta Falcons

20) Houston Texans

21) Cincinnati Bengals

22) New England Patriots

23) Green Bay Packers

24) Philadelphia Eagles

25) Baltimore Ravens

26) Arizona Cardinals

27) Dallas Cowboys

28) San Diego Chargers

29) New York Jets

30) Minnesota Vikings

31) Indianapolis Colts

32) New Orleans Saints

If my Broncos pick OSU, WR/PR Dez Bryant...I won't cry. But the rumor mill seems to think that Jerry Jones will trade up for the speedy wideout. Dallas sportswriters are still bitter over Jones taking a pass on Randy Moss in the 98 Draft. They see the opportunity to trade up and snag Bryant as a chance for redemption, or something. At least one mock draft has Bryant going to the Raiders at pick number eight, which would be both a waste and a shame.

Have your Mel Kiper, Jr insults ready! I'll meet you on Twitter (@duchess_rebecca).

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  1. Draft day, there is a..... well maybe a flying teapot, not sure.

  2. The draft of this year was awesome! who will be the best player of it?