Friday, April 9, 2010

They're Baaaack !!!

As a girlie girl with an affinity for overpriced shoes and handbags, Sunday nights haven't been the same since Sex and the City wrapped on HBO. I tried to get by with reruns on TBS and when that wasn't enough I went out and bought the boxed DVD set.

In May of 2008 when the fashionable four ladies of Gotham debuted on the big screen, I was thrilled; in spite of the film being critically mediocre. Since talk of the sequel, there has been much speculation mostly about, what else, babies and cheating. In seven short weeks, we will have our answers. For now, here's a tease:


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  1. You know, even though the first movie was in fact mediocre, I still love to watch it as a guilty pleasure. But... it's nowhere near as popular in my rotation as the series DVDs are! I need to find a good group of girls out here who want to have a SATC series + cocktails weekend marathon before we culminate with a viewing of 2.