Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Vodka Taste Test: 1 down, 99 to go

I may have made a huge mistake trying the Jewel of Russia Ultra as the first of my 100 vodkas in 100 days (give or take) taste test. The bar, pardon the pun, has been set...high. I'm not going to bore you with chatter about nuances of white pepper and the like...if you want to read that you go. If you want an unpretentious report and review from a regular chick that drinks vodka, continue reading and enjoy!

From the Jewel of Russia website:

"This is the ultimate Russian Vodka. By combining authentic Russian character with exceptional silky smoothness, this vodka ascends well above existing Premium vodka brands to the levels of a true work of art, beyond the Super-Premium classification.

The ancient recipes are revived to produce ULTRA vodka, but the distilled spirits used to prepare this vodka undergo additional rectification treatment to practically eliminate the traces of congeners present in all lower quality vodkas. Special proprietary techniques are used to restore the original historic taste of Russian vodka.

The packaging of our Limited Edition line is exceptional. Each bottle is also a work of art, with a traditional Russian miniature hand-painted on each bottle, and individually signed by the artist.

The ULTRA bottle has a dome-like hand-painted cap cover that together with the painting makes it a perfect gift. It is also an attractive item for display or for collectors, because the scenes are changed on a regular basis.

The total availability of the ULTRA Limited Edition in the U.S. is 2,000 bottles a month."

I ordered a Jewel of Russia Ultra shot chilled. I picked up the glass, stuck my nose inside as I breathed in deeply, it was virtually odorless. I smiled and put it to my lips. This is going to be good, I thought as I tasted the clear, cold beverage. At a very chilly temperature, it is in a word: smooth. It slid down effortlessly with only the slightest bite.

As the Jewel of Russia Ultra lost its chill, the flavor and aroma intensified. At room temperature this vodka's flavor became more robust and the bite increased slightly. The finish was clean without any unpleasant aftertaste even at room temperature.

After tasting it chilled and at room temperature, I finished it off with a splash of club soda and a lemon twist. The spirit's essence was swallowed up by the crisp carbonation of the club soda. The Jewel of Russia Ultra would definitely be best enjoyed over ice, without a mixer or in a dry martini.

Jewel of Russia Ultra Vodka is on the pricey side. I live in Des Moines, at my favorite watering hole this gem cost me $20, more than three times the price of the average shot of vodka. It retails, online, for around $100 a bottle.

Remember: If you have a favorite vodka or vodka (as the only alcohol) cocktail that you'd like me to try, please tweet me @duchess_rebecca or leave your suggestion in the comments section.


  1. A few to consider
    Jean Marc XO
    Crystal Head

  2. Jewel of Russia and Vox are really my 2 favorite. If you get a chance, go out to Red Square in Las Vegas at Mandalay Bay. Tell them the kind of vodka you like and they will bring sample shots out in ice blocks :)

    1. this Russian Vodka tastes awesome! I wonder where did you bought this awesome stuff.