Thursday, April 22, 2010

It's Earth Day...Let's go to the Movies?

Tadpole #2's fifth grade class is going on an Earth Day field trip today. No, they're not going to pick up trash or to visit the local recycling facility. His class is going to the movies to see Disney's latest eye-candy, Oceans.

Remember back in September when conservatives had their panties in a wad over Obama's back to school speech (I wasn't one of them)? I find today's field trip slightly more outrageous than our President talking to school children about the importance of education, call me crazy. If the school was serious about Earth Day, I can think of ten different activities that are more appropriate...but going to the movies is just easier and more fun, I guess.

Oh well, my kid is going on the field trip. If I don't let him go, I am officially the world's meanest mother. I consider it a compromise, considering he did have to listen to me rant about the ridiculousness of this nonsensical time out of school. I likened it to taking the class to eat pie on Pi Day, poor kid.


  1. What's wrong with eating Pie on Pi day? As long as you measure it first!

  2. Silly Evan, you don't measure the eat it ;)