Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Why I Drink, Reason Number 543

This is not a tale of Murphy's Law...but it is a tale of teenage girls...

For those of you who do not know, I have been (accidentally) blessed with two offspring. The elder tadpole is a senior in high school...she is the star of this feature:

Setting: Monday (yesterday) afternoon, gym class...yes in Iowa you are required to take PE throughout high school. I assume this is an attempt to graduate a fit student class, it's not really working...but anyway...back to the story. . . After gym class, the daughter took her things out of her locker and placed them on the locker room bench. She left them briefly unattended to speak with a teacher...there was only one other student in her locker pod. The other student is a girl that she has known since elementary school and even attended my daughter's birthday party wayyy back in the fifth grade...ahhh memories...anyhow, my loverly pet returned to the locker room, after a few minutes, to retrieve her items and change out of her gym clothes. That's when she noticed that her phone was missing, along with $20. She announced loudly: "Someone took my phone!"

The thief...let's call her Whitney, well...because that's her name, grabbed her bag and hurriedly fled the locker room. Hmmm....not suspicious at all. She was the only person there, so she either (a) witnessed the crime or (b) she committed it, period. By not offering up any immediate witness information and instead fleeing, I'm going with option b.

The school has a full time police officer on duty, my daughter filed a report with him and informed him about Whitney's suspicious behavior...he interviewed her and called her mom. That's when, I'm pretty sure, the hot phone began its journey to the dump. Aren't girls fun???

Funny side note to the story, which made me literally laugh out loud when I heard it: in addition to the double sawback and the BlackBerry being taken...my daughter's jeans had been sabotaged...Whitney ripped the button off. I imagine the poor little genetically challenged phonejacker was upset that she couldn't fit into the pants, so she decided that if she couldn't wear them, nobody would. Again: Aren't girls FUN???

Sorry, I needed to vent....*deep breath*

Anyway...we pay the extra $4.99 per phone for Verizon's insurance (Asurion). I filed the claim online at www.phoneclaim.com where I also paid the $50 deductible. A new phone arrived today, less than 24 hours later. Her social life has been righted and I got the customer service equivalent to a happy ending.

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