Wednesday, March 31, 2010

For Sale: Artsy Clams

Looking for a gift for that special someone who has everything??? Well, look no further. Khat Amabile's mounted vagina art is available at Etsy for around $50.

Why??? Well...I'm glad you asked, Flashnews has the answer:

Crafter Khat Amabile is strengthening friendships with her Vagina Plaque creations, molds of naughty bits made from clay and fake fur mounted onto a wooden plaque.

The vag plaques, which she sells on Etsy, are in her words, “sort of rude but awesome.” They came to be after helping out a good friend of hers she calls “Pussy Face.”

Apparently, Pussy Face was once stabbed in the vagina with a pencil by her brother and as a result required stitches that left a scar.

To show Pussy Face that her damaged goods were still lovely, Amabile made an artistic ode to her privates because, “That’s what friends do for each other.”

She’s been making the poon plaques ever since, often times “as horrible and grotesque as possible.”

Amabile insists they make great gifts because “everybody loves vagina.”

Everybody loves vagina? Even Ryan Seacrest???


  1. Sorry Rebecca, I find this to be really gross!

  2. Actually Rebecca, you would get more females to follow your twitter if you posted this instead:

  3. You are fucking hilarious, haha :) I'm going to follow you!