Tuesday, March 23, 2010

For Rent: 40NNs

From eBay:
"My name is Anorei Collins and I have 40NN's as seen in the accompanying photos (no joke, I'm being serious).

People stare at me all day long. Wouldn't you like your business name/logo to be stared at as well??

Place your logo or business name on my shirt and I'll happily help you out with advertising while I do all of my everyday activities and some not
so everyday activities too! =)

I can guarantee that your ad will be seen at various locations among the following popular areas in and around Los Angeles and Hollywood, CA"

Whatever you do, do not search Google images for Anorei Collins...unless you're into that sort of [HUGE] thing(s)...


  1. 40nn. You would have to ask your husband, but isn't that a caliber of machine gun cartridge?

  2. Maybe an ad on my moobs? Just thinking' outside the box.

  3. Your last three posts have definitely taken a turn for the, shall we say, risque. Good for you!