Saturday, November 28, 2009

Things I Learned This Week

Here are a few things that tweaked my interest this week, some newsy...some not so much; some surprising, some not so much:

It is possible to host Thanksgiving without cooking ANYTHING. I did it, successfully, with the help of Mamma G, the honey baked ham store in Valley Junction and the liquor department at Costco.

Angelina Jolie "hates" Obama. Conservative men (and women): add brains to the long list of reasons that you lurve Angelina. Now you can say that the two of you actually have something in common.

Hot Swedish, model wives are just as crazy as regular ones. As much as I believe that public figures should be allowed a certain amount of privacy, it can be argued that once the cops are become fair game. But don't worry, Tiger...if this ends up being true, it won't be the weirdest super-sports-celebrity news of late...Agassi's admissions are going to be pretty tough to beat.

And...the one thing that should be getting a LOT more press time, that isn't...Human contribution to Climate Change is a bunch of bullshitery. Hey liberals: ya'll went crazy when no weapons of mass destruction turned up in Iraq, where's your outrage over this news...huh? Looks like you've been sitting next to that smelly guy on the bus for no good reason. An inconvenient truth, indeed.

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