Monday, November 2, 2009

Twitter's Response to Me

Some of you asked me about Twitter's response to my suspension, here it is:

ginger, Nov 02 10:43 am (PST):


This is an email about the Twitter Support ticket you recently filed. Please be sure to read this, as you may need to take further action based on this ticket.

We mistakenly suspended a set of accounts in the evening of 10/31; accounts affected by this mistake were automatically un-suspended by 1:30PM PST on 11/1. Based on the time you filed your ticket, we think it's possible you were a part of this group.

Could you please log in to your account and see if you're currently un-suspended? If you are still suspended, you'll see a red notice announcing your suspension on your account. If we've already un-suspended your account, you don't need to do anything. We will close this ticket as solved.

If you're still suspended, please reply to this email letting us know. Responding to this email will reopen this ticket and put your ticket in queue for support, but you need to reply from the address this mail was sent to. If you use an alias (such as, ensure that your reply comes from the alias address or your ticket may not be seen by our support staff.

We're really sorry for the extra effort. We have a large amount of requests and really want everyone to receive help so they can continue to happily use Twitter! If this did not answer your inquiry, responding to this email will reopen this ticket.


Twitter Support


I am more than satisfied with their explanation. Twitter has a response team of, according to their site, seven people. Their prompt attention to my 'ticket' was impressive as my account was restored within about two hours of the error...which made me very, very happy!

I'm glad my suspension was an error and not the result of my account being hacked or 'blocked and flagged' by another user for abuse (aka spam...I am a lot of things, but a spammer, ain't one of'em). Anyway...everything is right in the Twitterverse and I can go back to saving the tweet at a time.

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