Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Glenn Beck: Morale Buster

I wasn't going to blog this week, because I'm hosting Thanksgiving or something like that. Which means I'm very busy and stuff. In addition to readying my home for the comfort of family and friends, there's always time to, while taking a break from playing Susie homemaker...I read this tweet from one Twitter friend to another, after clicking the link I watched this clip:

In the clip, Glenn Beck advises his nephew not to reenlist in the military. I don't have a problem with a caring uncle, offering sincere, candid advice to his nephew. What I do have a problem with, is Beck's use of his very popular television show to do so. I can only think of one reason why he would decide to speak to his nephew through the camera...Glenn Beck was advising ALL men and women serving their country: If you're thinking about reenlisting, DON'T...period. I mean, really...why else would Beck want to give intimate, life changing advice to his sister's son on television?

Glenn Beck is a fraud. The man preaches daily about the importance of being a patriot and then...this? I'm confused. What does something like this do for the morale of our troops? What good can come of it? I'm sure this is all very helpful to the boots on the ground and those that have lost a father, husband, brother, son, nephew, sister, wife, mother, daughter, niece or grandchild in Iraq or Afghanistan. On behalf of those: I would like to say: thank-you, Glenn Beck.

As I tweeted early today:
I liked him better when he was just kooky crazeeepants...The serious side of Beck is as appealing as the softer side of Sears


  1. Talk about a fraud. You're completely misrepresenting what Beck said and getting a bit hysterical about it in the process. You're railing against things he never said. That makes YOU look foolish, not Beck.

  2. I think you have missed the point completely to what Glenn Beck actually ment.Watch the vid again and again if you still dont understand.

  3. Dear Anonymous 1 and 2:

    While I do not share it, I understand and respect your support for Glenn Beck. Please keep in mind that it is perfectly okay to disagree with someone that you normally see eye-to-eye with.

    If you find no fault in Beck's comments (especially the ones made at the end of the clip), well then, I suggest that you watch the video over and over again.

  4. I completely agree that Glenn Beck is a fraud. Anyone who cites Glenn Beck as a reference is beyond reasonable comprehension in my opinion.