Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Updates! Dontcha just love em? O'course you do...soooo, here you go:

1) It's been six months since my in-laws house fire. They are still in their temporary home, a new construction one-story house that wasn't sold, and therefore offered by the builders for rent. It's a lot smaller than what they are used to, but it is conveniently located and close to their house that is being rebuilt. My mother-in-law, Mamma G, is having fun with her friend (and professional decorator) picking out all of the furniture and fixings for her home, as she did twenty years ago.

Listening to her talk excitedly about the 'new house' is wonderful. Issues like the new twin Sub-Zs are bigger than the old ones and where to put the new hooded range are good problems to have. They are doing very well. We are all going to Costa Rica for Christmas and they should be moving in their freshly restored and updated, old house sometime after that.

2) We FINALLY bought a new mattress. After two years of looking...the purchase has been made. Inspired by Mamma G to stop procrastinating and make a decision, I did (sort of).

We bought it at a mattress outlet place called Midwest Mattress, which sounded kinda shady to me...but we saved almost $1000 and I honestly couldn't tell the difference between the one with a fancy name brand and the one we bought. It's a king with a pillow top that has *some* memory foam. I did NOT want a memory foam mattress, no matter what Al Pacino thinks. The husband wanted this mattress, I didn't love or hate it. After laying on 949 different mattresses, they all started to feel the same, I was hungry and defeated. We bought the one he wanted, it will be here on Saturday.

3) Over two months ago, the husband and I purchased a new oversized chair and ottoman for our bedroom. We tried to bring the chair upstairs, by ourselves. We were unsuccessful.

Yesterday...again, OVER two months later...the chair was relocated from its temporary home (laying on its side in the living room) to our bedroom. I was not home, while the move was taking place...Fergie and I ran some in addition to the cost of the chair and the cost of having some random dudes from Craigslist to move the chair upstairs, there was an additional cost: running errands = new shoes (almost always). A win-win situation...providing that the Craigslist mover dudes don't return to jack, rape or murder me.

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