Saturday, November 20, 2010

TSA, Airport Security and Cops

When it comes to airport security, profiling is the only answer. Weapons and bombs are useless without people. Terrorists are people. People that use weapons and bombs to kill innocents for sport. Jihad is the new jai alai or something.

Law Enforcement agents are trained to react to human behavior. For example, in a police traffic stop, a driver is stopped for speeding, the officer approaches the vehicle and profiles the driver while asking for his/her driver's license, registration and proof of insurance. If the officer picks up on any suspicious activity or odors he would then react differently to the subject. The Department of Homeland Security has taken this training and instinct out of airport security.

My problem with the TSA is this:

Not exactly layers of *security* there, eh? And as for training:
"Depending on the assigned function, a TSO's initial training consists of about 130 hours, 70 of which are on the job. The training involves classroom training on the passenger checkpoint that features a combination of instructor-led lessons and demonstrations; a Web-based introductory overview of what officers should expect; and on-the-job certification."
So let me get this straight, not all TSA agents are law enforcement agents and more than half of their training is "on the job". Feel safer yet?

The FBI, local law enforcement and in larger more at risk airports, the National Guard seem like better folks to be carrying out our security don't you think? The TSA can continue to help stranded motorists and assist air travelers in digging their cars out after blizzards.

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