Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Merry Bleeping Christmas!!!

After reading "Why Christmas Is Destroying Corporate America" by Penelope Trunk I couldn't get the perma-frown off my face. Destroying? Really??? Hmmm...kind of an oxymoron considering retail corporate America would croak without Christmas, but that's a whole nother thing or something.

People who feign faux outrage in the name of diversity and tolerance are usually the most intolerant people you'll ever meet. Ms. Trunk, weakly, argues that she wants to work on Christmas because making her take it off is discriminatory and finds "holiday" parties alienating because the Christmas tree in the corner is totally creeping her out and she hates all things cheerful.

American Christians are attacked every year for celebrating our biggest retail holiday. We've adapted with PC Christmas cards, greetings and salutations. We've replaced nativities with plastic dancing Santas and loads of other Christmas junk manufactured by children in China. I dare Ms. Trunk or anyone in the "offended by Christmas posse" to visit Central America over the holiday. In Costa Rica (where I will be basking in nine days) it is commonplace for businesses to display a nativity set. I noticed because it seemed odd, which is odd because it shouldn't be odd because it's Christmas!

The great American Christmas is full of secular nonsense that has nothing to do with the birth of Christ; but the soul of Christmas remains, the season for giving and charity (and stress and thoughts of suicide). Ms. Trunk should pick up a copy of Dickens' A Christmas Carol and get acquainted with the spirit of Christmas, in the name of tolerance. And as for office holiday parties, unless your boss is reading to you from one of the Gospels...get over yourself and have a cocktail or three. Cheers and. . .Merry Christmas.

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