Friday, November 5, 2010

Olbermann Suspended, Outrage Ensues

Keith Olbermann has been "suspended indefinitely without pay" for violating MSNBC's ethics policy. Journalists must have permission from the President of NBC News, Steve Capus, before making any campaign contributions. Olbermann donated $2,400 to three democratic candidates, he did not seek prior approval to do so. A timeout from "Countdown" is the result. Ed Morrissey over at Hotair has the full story here.

I am shocked and outraged, SHOCKED AND OUTRAGED (repetition and all caps for sarcastic emphasis), that NBC News has such a policy. MSNBC is the most biased news station on cable TV. You know who else is SHOCKED AND OUTRAGED (all caps for actual emphasis), In an "Action Alert", FAIR irately notes that NBC's parent company, GE, "made over $2 million in political contributions" and " spent another $32 million on lobbying this year". I'm fairly certain that whoever wrote that pooped in their pants.

Who else is pooping in their in pants over poor Keith Olbermann?

Michael Moore:
And The Huffington Post:
You can sign the petition here. Go ahead, you know you want to.

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