Monday, February 15, 2010

They Say It's Your Birthday, It's My Birthday Too, Yeah!!!

Well, it's here...the day after yesterday...also known as the day that Necco Sweetheart Conversation Heart candies will basically be free at Target. You see, I lurve those little artificially flavored sugar bombs (save for the white ones, those tiny white devils are worse than popcorn flavored jelly beans). So...if you see me tonight with pastel stained fingers, I channeled Richard Pryor and we had some fun.

Today is also Presidents' Day or simply Washington's Day, depending on where you live (and at Glenn Beck's place). In honor of our former Presidents' birthdays, enjoy a happy hour cocktail or a $5 foot long on Abe...George should cover the tip and a maybe some Tic Tacs.

Evan Bayh spent his Presidents' Day making some especially newsy news by announcing that he is retiring from the US Senate. At his presser Bayh added: "I am an Executive at heart." Hmmmm....

Memba this...?

and the speculation begins...

And begins the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show (USA 2/15-16 8/7C). Sadie the Scottish Terrier is favored to win it all...but I'm pulling for Lincoln the Chihuahua. Fergie doesn't agree, but he's just jealous of Lincoln's longer mane (and his balls). I mean, seriously, *is* Presidents' Day!!!

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