Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Twitaversary to Meeeee!!

One year ago today, I joined Twitter. My life hasn't been quite the same since...if you follow me, yours probably hasn't either.

The new friends I've made along with the influx of political and world news have made life without Twitter inconceivable. I hope to meet up with a mahvelous few one day soon, the crazies and weirdos not so much...

If you haven't joined Twitter...you really should, unless you're 'busy and important' like my husband who prefers to interact with people he actually knows irl. It's no wonder that I'm the fun one in this relationship.

Today is also KIM Jong Il's birthday. Happy Birthday, Crazypants:


  1. I joined twitter give or take a month or so, around the same time.I dont remember exactly.Just remember tv's andy levy saying it was something to do.i also dont remember the day, but do recall when i first read some of your tweets.Too funny.I have enjoyed what you have to say,and how you say it, many a day since.twitter is cool and you are too.In my book.

  2. Yes I dont know what my life would be without Twitter. I always looked forward to the sporting and television program analysis. It is always so enlightening and I have actually learned some things. Enjoy your second year. Because we will!