Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happy [Expletive] Valentine's Day

I hate Valentine's Day but, as a fan of capitalism, I appreciate it for what it economy stimulant. Flowers, cards, candy, lingerie, cutesy stuffed critters and jewelry sales are all optimized during the week of February 14th. Personally I like to spend the day self-medicated watching zombie movies, ideally smoking two at a time...however, a new pair of Louboutins have the potential to make me feel slightly more romantical...Honey, if you're paying attention, I'm a size 39.

Are you strapped for cash or unsure about what to send your crush? No worries, the RNC has you covered, check out their V-Day ecards here. Happy [Expletive] Valentine's Day??? I think I'm in love.

Anyhoohah, here are my tools for a happy VD:

I have a cold.

Smokey Treats

nom, nom, nom

Grey Goose, duh

A variety of zombie flicks including, one of my favorites: Shaun of the Dead

my cozy friend

Fergie, o'course

oh yeah...and these are the shoes I want...Psst, Honey? Hey, where'd you go???


  1. Damn, that's hot. Too bad I'm spoken for.

  2. mmmmmmm yummy vicodin!

  3. Nothing says love like "Shaun of the Dead" - add "Hot Fuzz" to the list and you've definitely found the formula for a night of romance.

  4. there were just too many addictive items on one page.. vicodin, cigs,.. makes me think you had quite the party there.. happy Vday..

  5. My cig pack is on the bottom!

  6. I just hope you aren't taking Vicodin and Grey Goose together...Bad Bad