Saturday, September 18, 2010


Full disclosure: I am not registered to vote in Delaware or Alaska; but I have opinions and everyone else is putting their two cents in (or more ... whoa). And, I have a big mouth.

US Senate hopeful, Christine O'Donnell is a kook. If you want the full list of crazie, take a trip over to your favorite search engine. In the name of unity (and laziness), I'm not listing it here.

Let's take a trip back in time. Picture it 2006; a time before the Tea Partyers were tea partying, President (Junior) Senator Obama was still a newbie strolling, happily around DC, the unemployment rate was around 4.5% and Twitter was born. 2006 was pretty awesome.

In Delaware's 2006 US Senate republican primary election, Christine O'Donnell was defeated by Jan Ting. O'Donnell must have gazed into her magic crystal ball and saw that in the future Ting would endorse Barack Obama for President and leave the Republican party in 2008; because instead of bowing out gracefully and throwing her support behind Ting in his bid to defeat democratic incumbent Sen. Carper she ran as a write-in candidate. Voters and pundits were outraged. Crickets.

Welcome back to 2010! Tea Party on! Vacation President Obama has played more golf than GWB and Clinton combined, the unemployment rate is twice as high as it was four years ago and everybody and their grandma is on Twitter. Damn, 2010 kinda blows.

On Tuesday, the third time was a charm for Christine O'Donnell. She, now a Tea Party candidate, successfully defeated Congressman Mike Castle in the primary election, essentially igniting a, albeit is Delaware we're talking about after all, civil war. Rush and Levin vs Rove and Krauthammer, The American Spectator vs The Weekly Standard; basically, true conservatives vs ruling class, sexist, cocktail partying, elitist, RINOs. The former screaming "unity, for the greater good", the latter noting that Rep. Castle had a better chance of winning the general election because he's a seasoned politician without a crazy list.

But, again in the name of unity and because an O'Donnell win in the general election is for the greater good or something I won't opine on her kookiness. Dammit, I think I just did. Oh well. Anyway. . .Vote O'Donnell!

Now, let's take another trip. This time let's go to Alaska, where incumbent, republican Senator, Lisa Murkowski was defeated in the primary election by Tea Partyer Joe Miller. Instead of bowing out gracefully, Murkowski has launched a write-in campaign. Voters and pundits are outraged. How dare she?!?

In the name of unity I'm not going to point out that O'Donnell did the same thing in 06 and nobody cared. Dammit, I did it again. Oops. I know, I know...I'm a stupid RINO that doesn't understand that Murkowski's write-in bid is wayyy different than O'Donnell's in 2006. Hmmm, if you don't support Murkowski are you a sexist?

If you live in Alaska: Vote Miller!

Ahhhhhhh...Unity! I feel better.


  1. Ha ha ha! I adore you.

  2. "Unity" is like shouting "no touchbacks!" in tag.