Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Shoe Drive!

I haven't posted in a while for several reasons, mostly because I'm lazy and feeling uninspired. That all changed today after receiving this email from my friends at Saks:

I want them all. . .but, I have to have these:

Hot, right? I need them, badly. If each of my Twitter followers sends me $1.37, I could buy them. It's unlikely that each of my Twitter followers will do that, so you should send more. Thanks in advance!

PS If I don't get these boots, I will die.

PPS They will sell out, so you should hurry.


Shoe Drive Status:
...not exactly the way I'd hoped. Do you want me to beg? Ok, fine. You can't see me but, trust me, I'm on my knees. Thanks, I love you.


  1. Those are super hot. But they're a sitting shoe, if you know what I mean. I can wear heels with the best of them but don't think I'd make it more than a block or two in these.

    Also, sidenote, meet me in LA for the Barney's warehouse sale next week (http://bit.ly/GByTI). If Louboutins are like $200-$300 on their website (http://bit.ly/17h4Ff), they'll prob be about 30-40% less at the sale! (Or come to NY for their dates there, whichever).

  2. Thought conservatives were self- reliant. Begging is for losers and you wouldn't want to be one. Right?