Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Love Thy Neighbor

Many of my conservative compadres have donated their hard earned cash to Scott Brown's campaign in Massachusetts, pushing him well over the $1 million mark. In case you haven't heard, Brown is running against Democrat, state AG Martha Coakley to represent Massachusetts in the US Senate, in the seat left vacant after the passing of Senator Edward Kennedy.

If you are one of those conservatives that donated money to Brown, please make another donation to: The American Red Cross in aid of their relief effort in Haiti after the devastating 7.0 earthquake that rocked our neighbor to the south yesterday. If you didn't donate to Brown, please open up your wallet for this cause.

As Americans we cannot begin to imagine the devastation in Haiti. Hurricane Katrina was nothing compared to this. No power, no telephones, major structural damage to roadways. Thousands of homes and buildings including the hospital, the UN Headquarters, the local Red Cross Chapter and missionary compounds have been reduced to rubble. The loss of life...catastrophic.

President Obama has sent a disaster relief team to coordinate this massive recovery campaign alongside MINUSTAH and other international organizations. I am asking you to be neighborly and help out. If you've got $10 (or more) and I know you do...put it here.