Sunday, December 13, 2009

Tis the Season to be Frazzled

It's almost Christmas, which means a fa la la la lot of stress. Pardon me, while I vent (I won't even mention the blizzard):

Saturday, December 12th: My Volvo sent me a message, it read: ABS Service Required. Translation: something brake related is frozen, tow to shop on Monday (no biggie, right? Keep reading)

Sunday, December 13th: Husband is driving to FARGO, ND, for a meeting tomorrow morning. You may have heard of Fargo, thanks to the Coen Brothers. I'm sure the people there are nice and all's not exactly the time of year you'd wanna visit the great state of North Dakota. (anddd, my car is outta commish)

Monday, December 14th: Female youngling's birthday, husband will be out of town all day...ugh. Also, I have last minute shopping to do and errands to run, because we're leaving on Thursday for vacation, but my car will be hospitalized...double ugh.

Tuesday, December 15th: Husband has GMAT exam at 8 am, hopefully he has made it home from Fargo, had time to thaw and get a good night sleep before taking hell-test. *fingers crossed*

Wednesday, December 16th: LAST DAY before ten-day vacay (I know, poor me). This day will be hell for my family: I will be ten kinds of crazy, running around with at least five different lists (at last count), asking questions that they may or may not be able to answer or have already answered twelve times. And then...I have to drop my precious baby, Fergie off at his vet's office to be boarded...I will cry, I always do, because I love that animal more than I love most people which is why, I only trust his vet to keep him.

Thursday, December 17th: VACATION!!! We have to be at the airport at the crack of smack, which is always painful....but, by the time we board our second flight in Houston, I hope to be comfortably numb and cuddled up with male youngling for in-flight movie and in-flight nap. We should be in Costa Rica by 3 pm and after about an hour long taxi our resort in Jaco Beach in time to freshen up and officially begin: The Grunewalds Costa Rica Christmas Vacation, Vol II

Ahhh, are such a good listener, I do feel better.

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  1. Well looks like it'll be a hellacious few days for you but just keep thinking about your vacation and you'll get through it. I'm totally jealous since I haven't been anywhere on vacation in nearly a decade, but I wish you well on your trip.