Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sure...it's funny now.

Few things are as difficult to purchase as cars and mattresses. Unless you’re a women and your lipstick or eye shadow shade has been discontinued. Usually you have a need, shop around a bit and make a fairly swift decision. Furniture shopping can be time consuming, but fun…like hunting for treasure. I have been on the lookout for a pair of classic, sturdy bookcases…I think they are going to be hard to find.

I once searched five months for the perfect area rug for our family room. When I found this gem, another lady was checking it out, she had it lain across a table…I walked over and began rolling it up, I told her ‘you can’t have that’ as I hoisted it over to the nearest sales clerk. The other potential buyer looked at me like I was nuts. She has no idea.

To debut my new, perfect area rug I had a small dinner party. We shared wine and stories until around ten. I was exhausted as the night winded down. I bid my guests adieu, picked up the remaining dishes, put them in the dishwasher and switched it on. I told the husband he really didn’t *need* to finish the bottle of wine he was working on as I dragged myself up to our bedroom. I washed my face, crawled out of my clothes and in to bed. He came to bed sometime later, I didn’t notice when.

The next morning I got up, went downstairs to a whining Fergie. It was a sunny morning and he wanted the family room’s blinds open so that he could sit in the sunshine…I took one step on my precious, new, perfect rug…it was wet. I looked at Fergie, thinking bad thoughts about the naughtiness that he had done on my sought out floor art. Then I noticed it; the purplish-red hue of Cabernet. Fergie doesn’t drink Cabernet; he’s a Chihuahua…that would be silly. The husband does and did the night before…arghhhhh! I had a little fit, there were tears, expletives, a reminder of how long and hard I had searched for the perfect rug for our home and how he had ruined it. He looked at me, like I was nuts…he has some idea.

To his credit, he had tried to clean it up. He used Get Serious doggie mistake cleaner and a stiff bristled carpet brush *weeping*. Did I mention this particular area rug is a vintage piece made from silk…yeah…I know, details, details. Anyhow…he took it to a local restoration place and a month later I got it back…good as…well you get it.

A year later, the rug still lies in our family room. My husband likes to remind me...remember that time you went apeshit over that rug? Ha...ha...hilarious...grrrr. In addition to red wine…nacho dip, salsa and various flavors of soup and beverage have seasoned the silk fibers. Club soda with a touch of lemon usually does the trick…the search for patience is still ongoing…I don’t think you can buy it…unless o’course you’re a Scientologist.


  1. Girl....you post pictures of a sleeping dog, wind farms, smelly farms and BUTT cracks....but you don't post a picture of an area rug that you wrote a great story about!!!! hmmmmm

  2. True. My battery was dead on my camera and I tried but failed to get my BlackBerry's camera to comply...also I'm lazy.

  3. I'd love to see the look on that ladies face when you muscled that rug from her Tony Soprano style.