Thursday, June 11, 2009

My Elephants

I hate clutter. I am definitely a throw-awayer…the anti-packrat. I mean let’s be reasonable…Yes, I own several pair of shoes and lots of clothes (some I've actually worn). I have a drawer full of lipsticks and glosses that I’ll probably never wear (but won’t toss out). I keep gift (and shopping) bags and of course magazines. The husband likes to keep certain things too…I can’t tell you what those things might be, because he’s either hidden them or I’ve thrown them out (just kidding, honey…mebbe).

But, I have a confession to make…I collect…elephants. I’m not really sure how it started. My sister started collecting frogs (no...not real ones) when I was a kid (don’t ask...I haven't a clue). She’s eight years older than me. I guess I wanted to emulate her in some way, well...some way other than, the usual stealing her make-up and trying on her shoes. And so…my elephant collection was born.

As a spoiled child, the collection went from modest to out of control pretty fast. Every birthday, Christmas, Hallmark holiday and trip someone would go on…I would benefit with an elephant knickknack or stuffed animal.

I’m now (almost) 34 years of age. I still have my elephants. Most of them are packed away in my basement…but I have some of the more sentimental ones surrounding me in my bedroom. Yes, I still receive them as gifts – once or twice a year...always from someone special in my life that I love very much.

And now (in no particular order)….some elephants:

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