Thursday, May 21, 2009

I'm Sorry, We Party

The Wedding

I went to a fabulous wedding in Scottsdale last weekend at the Intercontinental Montelucia Resort. Usually I hate weddings, but this’un was goooood. A longtime family friend got married; the fun loving guests were all familiar faces. Friday pool day, Friday night rehearsal dinner and bar hopping, Saturday pool day, Saturday evening wedding and reception that carried over into an afterhours situation until dawn…the flight home on Sunday was painful but worth it.

I’m a PC *sadface*

After arriving home on Sunday night from AZ, I unpacked (threw my clothes in a pile) and switched on my infant laptop (it’s only a month old), which is a PC because I would rather spend money on shoes than a Mac. Instead of the normal…blah, blah, welcome to Windows, blah…my 17” monitor gave me the blue screen of death. There was a message about Windows not being able to load and some directions about the F8 key…I was very tired, hungover and planning on driving to Chicago the next day to see a concert.

Computer issues in my house are a man-job. O’course my man was busy and couldn’t help me. So me and my small girl brain called Dell. It was about 1 am. Samir at Dell helped me. He was polite, easy enough to understand and didn’t ask me any silly questions that would offend my girly intelligence. An hour and a half later, I was back up and running albeit I had to go back to the original settings, losing my life’s work (translation: a bunch of stupid pix).

The Melvins in Chicago

The husband had some work to finish up on Monday morning and he has been fighting the flu (non-swine) so I did most of the driving to Chicago, which is fine since he has a speeding problem…or rather a getting caught speeding problem. We arrived at the Chicago Hilton at 7:15 pm, left the car with the valet, checked in, found our room, hurriedly changed and made our way down to the hotel bar for a quick bite to eat and our first dranks of the evening.

After an $85 snack we hopped in a cab for the Double Door where we had tickets to see The Melvins. The Melvins are a sludge metal band that I listened to in my past life (my teenage years) and began re-appreciating in my current life (my thirties).

I’m a bit of a girly girl but I’ve definitely got a dark side. So there I was in a stylish top, 7 for all Mankind jeans and 5 inch designer sandals with my son of a doctor husband in his plaid collared shirt amidst the rock band t-shirted dingy denim crowd. Two grungy guys in front of us in line were smoking a joint, I later found out they were both dads, one was a married professional. The Melvins rocked it out; talent in that band is aplenty. We left the show about 11:30 for a late dinner at Bistro Bijan and then over to Division Street.

We went to a place with peanut shells on the floor, I think it was called The Lodge, it was busy with a bunch of drunk(er) people…we headed across the street to an Irish pub-y sort of place…it wasn’t as busy and the jukebox took credit cards (at the time that seemed really exciting to me). I played a couple hours worth of songs and sang to them all loudly. The bartender’s name was George, he looked more like a Glenn and he had a twitch. The more I sang the twitchier he got, this amused my husband greatly.

We left in a cab sometime before closing… I was really hoping to make it over to the Hollywood Grill for early morning bacon and eggs…but I was overserved and in need of a bed before I remembered I wanted breakfast.

I got up sometime around 11 am…the husband was working. I mumbled something about being hungry, rolled out of bed threw on some clothes, a hat and sunglasses. We packed our things, checked our bags at the luggage check counter, grabbed a cab, headed over to The Grill on the Alley for lunch, where I had a pretty amazing Caesar salad. After lunch we walked the two miles back to the hotel, it was a gorgeous day in Chicago and my hangover had faded. I tried to beguile the hubby into staying another night, but he had work to do, so we headed home.

Tomorrow begins the Memorial Day weekend…we’re heading to Lake Okoboji for what’s looking to be a rainy weekend. Oh well…when it rains it pours and by pours I mean cocktails. I’m not sure if my liver is up for it…let the summer begin!!!

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