Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Dear Mike McQueary

Mr. McQueary

I doubt you will ever see this email because you are likely shielding yourself from such things. I am not a Pennsylvania resident nor am I a Penn State fan. I, in fact, had no idea who you were a week ago and wish that was still the case. You went from the silent redhead on the sideline of Penn State to a cowardly chump who did nothing to rescue a child from a monster. I'm sure you have your reasons. It's common knowledge that some people flee when faced with stress, while others fight. Your inaction is unforgivable. I don't know anything about your personal life, but I do know something about your character. I know that you left a locker room after witnessing an adult man raping a little boy without bashing that man's skull in and calling law enforcement. I know that you returned to a place of security for you, Happy Valley, in 2000 after not being good enough for the NFL. Ironic that your place of security and history is a place of nightmares for many others.

You, sir, had an opportunity to do the right thing, the moral thing, the only thing; instead, you chose to do next to nothing. You could have saved other boys from being raped instead, you enabled a monster. Resigning is not enough, but it would be a start. I hope you've made peace with God for what you didn't do, now you have to make peace with everyone else.

Very truly yours,

Rebecca Grunewald
Des Moines, IA

Thanks to @FireMikeMcQueary for passing along Mike McQueary's email address:

In case you don't know the details of this case, you can read them here. Warning, you will be sickened and angered by what you read.


  1. i don't know you--i ran across your blog when i was doing a search for mike mcquery's email address. i just sent him an email, too, that he will probably never read either.

    thanks for sending what you sent and writing what you can't change the past, but it's important that people know we won't tolerate child abuse.

  2. Dear Rebecca,

    Thank you. Your letter says it all.

    Of all the characters in this atrocity (save for the rapist pedophile himself), this ninny is, too me, the most vile & repugnant. His inaction in the moment is inexplicable, defies basic human instinct. His subsequent, persistent silence was a prolonged strategy to save his own hide & career path. The graphic, detailed, no-holds-barred Grand Jury testimony was, essentially, too little too late.

    He was a slimy little tail wagging this dog.

  3. I too, am disgusted. My personal feeling is that those who commit this kind of crime, or fail to report this kind of crime (which is equally as horrific) should have their manhood removed. Entirely. Balls and all. Then put them in the slammer with bigger, stronger, more aggressive men who will, over the course of a lifetime reenact the events that they so selfishly and carelessly subjected a child to. Forgivness for something of this nature is not in my repertoire. Give it to em good.

  4. I think all of this energy pointing fingers at Mike, Jo Pa, janitors, etc. is energy wasted which should be directed at the pig himself.

    I have come to realize that the older I get the less I know. I suspect that I would run into the showers and kick the pig's butt. But, fortunately, having never witnessed this I have to say I don't know what I would do. I have never been in Mike's shoes. Would I find the nearest toilet to stick my face into? Would I call a parent in a panicked cry for assistance with a traumatizing sight? I do know that Mike went to Joe Pa's house the next day and told him who in turn reported to his higher ups as to what he was TOLD. I suspect he also advised Mike to go to same higher ups with the eye witness account and it sounds as though he did.

    Let's look at it this way as cold as it seems. If Mike intervened, would the pig offer a quick explanation of "horsing around", "big front to back bear hug" or whatever else he could conjure up? (If he was so blatant as to use the PSU showers, I have to imagine he had some sort of story cooked up in the event of discovery.) And if he did offer some cooked up excuse to Mike, would the investigation get as far as it has? I feel so very sorry for this child but it seems this incident has been a catylist for not another single child being made to suffer by this sick pig.

    Joe Pa has shown himself time and time again over 49 years to be a good person. Do you know how much they pay him? Did you see his modest home? Do you know how much he contributes back to the university? Do you know that other highly paid professors and coaches will often have catered dinners? Who do you think is working the backyard grill and getting drinks for company at Joe Pa's house? Do you realize that in a sport rife with corruption, he has not once in 49 years committed an infraction?

    The above is not the profile of a guilty type person. Further an innocent type will say something to the effect of wishing they had done more as opposed to the pig who stumbled all over the question concerning any sexual attraction he has to children and in the face of such damning evidence (I hear there are now 18 victims who have come forward!)will proclaim complete innocence.

    Finally, we have to realize that Joe Pa cut his cleats at a time when UNFORTUNATELY such victims typically remained silent. He was probably at a loss as to how to even wrap his mind around the idea that a trusted assistant who seemed to do so much for children could do such a thing and then at a further loss as to what to do about it. I am glad he managed to do what he did.

    No, I am not a PSU grad nor did I ever attend the school but did graduate from a college who NEVER managed to beat PSU with PSU really rubbing our face in it via the scoreboard. But yes, I do volunteer 16 hours weekly asssisting abused women and chilren.

  5. I have heard several versions of what happened, but the latest I heard was that he stopped the rape he saw, then reported it to everyone he was supposed to. They assured him something would be done about it. Nothing was. This is all too common, especially with sex crimes against males. It's just shoved in a drawer and ignored and the victim is told to 'man up' and 'get over it'.

  6. Dear Duchess Rebecca,
    Do you have an update of your letter to Mike McQueary? Given the new trial information/testimony, I would like to see you update your letter. If you look up "Mike McQueary's email" on Google this is one of the top ten sites that comes up. It is saddening that this letter comes up as Mr. Mike McQueary is undoubtedly a victim here. Mike may not be as much as a victim as the young boys, but he has to live seeing this predator do what he did, and going through this whole trial in front of the world. You never know what you would do in that situation until you are in it. We can all say that we would do the absolute right thing, but who knows. There are many things that factor in our brain. In that moment that you sense something terribly wrong, your brain may or may not work correctly.

    Please update your blog; it is only fair.