Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Stalking for Dummies

Like having your personal information on the web such as home address and telephone number, age, information about your home and more? All in one place? Well have I got great news for you! There's a new(ish) website,, that shares most of your private personal information for free or the whole kit and kaboddle for under $40 a year. Creeptastic!

I visited spokeo, typed in my name and hit enter. My jaw dropped as not only my home address showed up and not one but three views of my home. *waving* Hello, creepers! Also available, my home phone number, house value, household income, credit score and much, much more! How dare they not share my shoe size, at least then, my stalkers could send stylish gifts. Hrmph. Oh well. I didn't freak out, because thanks to a friend's Facebook status update, I knew how to remove my listing. Many thanks, Katy!

Here's what YOU need to do, asap:

1) Go to - their site must be very busy today, be patient, you will want to remove your listing

2) type in your name, city and state

3) The next page will have your info, go to the top of the page and copy the url address

4) at the bottom in small print, click "privacy" - this should take you to a new page

5) paste your page's url address, enter your email and the security code given

6) check your email and click the confirmation to remove yourself

You're Welcome!

According to Snopes, this is only half the battle. They're still going to sell your info to third party members a la Facebook. But hey, maybe now that creepy guy on Twitter won't show up at your crib with duct tape and chloroform.

PS If you do find my address, I wear a size 39 (or an 8.5).

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  1. What color shoe floats your boat the most?

  2. I am not listed. Don't know why but :)

  3. Jokes on them! They show me as married when my wife left me 13 years ago, they show my hobbies as "travel" and "cooking", neither of which are things I particularly enjoy, and they have the value of my house off by about 50%.

    This is almost as good as entering the witness protection program.

  4. In order to prevent abuse, we must limit the frequency of privacy requests. Please try again tomorrow.

  5. Hey, I wasn't kidding around.

  6. According to spokeo we have a 20-something child named "Kern" who lives at home.

    My wife had better have a good excuse for never telling me about him, or her.

  7. you are kind and as you are pretty...sorry for the last but I can't resist, as a man and a freelancer, one of my remarkable character is be honest with everyone, and you're not the exception.