Friday, August 20, 2010

The Best Movie, I Never Heard of

Last night after Red Eye was over with and I got bored reading New York Magazine's Sex Diaries, I flipped over to the movie channels on DirecTV. I decided to fall asleep to Zombieland on Encore, which started in fifteen minutes. In doing so, I caught the last few minutes of the greatest movie ever made, or something. I quickly searched for other showings and smiled, it was starting again at 4:45. I thanked my other husband, DVR, the moon and the stars. Then I cursed the dawn and went to bed.

If movies (and music) were food, I'd weigh 500 lbs and still not be able to name my top ten favorite recipes. Ingredients on the other hand, I could narrow down. Bacon like Russell Crowe, zombie flicks and Stones tunes never disappoint. You know who else always delivers? A badass mutha, you jive turkey!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Black Dynamite:

click the screen to watch on You Tube

You're welcome.


  1. Holy crap - he kicks a guy standing behind him without having to turn around!!

    Who wouldn't be impressed with that??

  2. Added to instant queue. Thanks!